This report analyzes anticipated list mile challenges in Indiana by using a scenario-based approach to develop forecasts of GDP growth and thus freight growth across industry clusters in Indiana counties; potential congestion implied by this growth; and a proactive plan to add capacity to alleviate the congestion. We use a quantitative approach to aggregate ramp level flows, industry cluster locations, county layout, and economic activity to develop our recommendations.

We develop forecasts through the year 2050 based on long-term planning approaches used by other states (California, Ohio, and Utah). We use data from global databases that consider different possible geo-political scenarios and regulatory choices to scale it down to county-level impact. At the same time, we track industry cluster locations within each county, ramps from interstates, and distances to travel within the counties to reach freight destinations. The result is a report that combines macro trends with micro detail to develop potential capacity bottlenecks.

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last mile delivery, freight traffic management, ramp capacity, capacity planning, scenario-based modeling, industry clusters, congestion reduction, route planning

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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West Lafayette, IN

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