For bridges that are experiencing deterioration, action is needed to ensure the structural performance is adequate for the demands imposed. Innovate repair and strengthening techniques can provide a cost-effective means to efficiently and safely extend the service lives of bridges. The use of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems for the repair and strengthening of concrete bridges is increasing in popularity. Recognizing the potential benefits of the widespread use of FRP, a research project was initiated to determine the most appropriate applications of FRP in Indiana and provide recommendations for the use of FRP in the state for the repair and strengthening of bridges. The details of the research are presented in two volumes.

Volume 1 provides the details of a study conducted to (i) summarize the state-of-the-art for the application of FRP to concrete bridges, (ii) identify successful examples of FRP implementation for concrete bridges in the literature and examine past applications of FRP in Indiana through case studies, and (iii) better understand FRP usage and installation procedures in the Midwest and Indiana through industry surveys.

Volume 2 presents two experimental programs that were conducted to develop and evaluate various repair and strengthening methodologies used to restore the performance of deteriorated concrete bridge beams. The first program investigated FRP flexural strengthening methods, with focus placed on adjacent box beam bridges. The second experimental program examined potential techniques for repairing deteriorated end regions of prestressed concrete bridge girders. Externally bonded FRP and near-surface-mounted (NSM) FRP were considered in both programs.

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fiber reinforced polymer, FRP, bridge repair, flexural strengthening, shear strengthening, case studies, industry survey, end region repair, box beams, externally bonded, near-surface-mounted

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