This report documents the findings from SPR-4230 (Alternative Quality Assurance Methods for Compacted Subgrade). The main objective of SPR-4230 involved establishing performance-related quality assurance (QA) test methods for pavement subgrade construction. Because INDOT generally prefers specifying subgrade treatment type IBC (i.e., 14-in. cement modified subgrade), this study focused on performance-based QA test methods for constructing cement modified subgrade. Moreover, INDOT prefers using light weight deflectometer (LWD) for chemically modified subgrade construction acceptance, so this study aimed to use LWD deflection measurements as performance-related construction acceptance criteria. A laboratory study was performed to relate LWD deflections with resilient modulus that is the key subgrade performance-related parameter in pavement design. In addition, LWD deflections were related with unconfined compressive strength increase that is the key parameter in chemical soil modification mix design. A rigorous field study consisting of LWD testing and falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing at INDOT new pavement construction sites was conducted to verify the laboratory developed relationship. Recommendations for implementing results of this study into cement modified subgrade construction acceptance is provided, as are recommendations for future research.

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soil stabilization, subgrade (pavements), quality assurance, deflectometers, specifications

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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West Lafayette, IN

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