This report describes the results of technical analysis, field tests, and laboratory tests that were performed for LED highway lighting options by the Energy Efficiency and Reliability Center (EERC) at Purdue University Northwest for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). This effort was conducted over the past 3 years to evaluate and test the technology and viability of using modern highway lighting technology to enhance energy efficiency, safety, security, and economic development of communities and roadways. During the testing period there was a continuous discussion between INDOT and EERC regarding the laboratory and field testing of INDOT approved luminaires submitted by vendors. There were multiple discussions with INDOT and vendors regarding the individual details and issues for the 29 luminaires that were tested. A comparison study was conducted by EERC of the various alternatives and comparison to currently installed luminaires. Data was collected for field tests of the luminaires by EERC and INDOT personnel for the luminaires. Field data was evaluated and compared to lighting models using vendor supplied ies data files. Multiple presentations were made at 3 separate Purdue Road Schools regarding the results and procedures of the testing program by EERC in conjunction with INDOT.

A total of 22 final reports, considered confidential by INDOT, for individual vendor luminaires have been prepared as part of this effort. These reports were submitted sequentially to INDOT as testing was completed during the course of this effort. A total of 29 luminaires were tested. Some luminaire testing was terminated during testing due to design issues or vendor requests. All testing was summarized in the INDOT specification sheet attached to each report. Observations regarding the consistency of the supplied test luminaire with the requirements of Section 7.2 of the INDOT test procedure “Procedure for evaluation and approval list requirements for solid state ballasted luminaires ITM 957-17P” is provided in the Appendix to the report for each luminaire. Details regarding how these tests were performed and the respective associated evaluation of performance and reliability are provided in the report. This effort included: consideration of published and vendor information; appraisal of products consistent with national industry standards; review of physical design, thermal performance; laboratory testing of photopic performance, reliability, life cycle data and characteristics, and power characteristics; technical and probabilistic risk studies; and field testing and analysis of LED light sources including comparison to currently installed conventional light sources. Assistance in preparing INDOT standards for highway lighting was provided on multiple occasions.

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roadway lighting, LED, field test, thermal, power quality, electric, photopic, standard, laboratory test, lumen depreciation, modeling, life cycle

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