The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is responsible for the construction and maintenance of approximately 11,000 centerline miles of state roads, US routes and interstates. Mowing operations along the state rights-of-way to manage vegetation consume considerable resources. Mowing activities are usually reported by daily work orders and it is difficult to obtain quantitative information characterizing the utilization and productivity of the mowing operations.

This research uses telematics data from commercial sensors to track the daily activity of seven mowers in the Fort Wayne district. Weather data from NOAA was also captured to estimate the weather related delays. During a one-month period, the mowers collectively covered a total of around 1170 miles and an area of nearly 1800 acres of mowing. Crews worked alternative work schedules with extended hours four days a week. On an average 9.5 hour work day approximately 50% of the time is spent actively mowing. The simple telematics based metrics and visualization graphics proposed in this paper can be used by agencies to evaluate the efficiency of their mowing operations to provide guidance on resource allocation, scheduling, and comparison with alternative contract mowing. The proposed utilization graphics may be of particular interest to agencies as they provide a concise way of communicating to stakeholders the overall efficiency of the mowing operations and can be used to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements.

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roadside mowing, productivity, telematics, resource allocation

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