This report is a summary of work performed by the Mobile Infrastructure Materials Testing Laboratory (MIMTL) as a part of the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP) through SPR-3858. The development of the MIMTL began in February of 2014 and became fully operational by June of 2014. The MIMTL was deployed in the field for a total of 46 days. This report describes the activities of the MIMTL as of December 2015. The MIMTL was involved in the field testing of concrete bridges, concrete pavements, and asphalt pavements. This report describes the development of the mobile testing laboratory and provides some examples of how the MIMTL was used. The main highlights of the MIMTL’s implementation are as follows:

  • The MIMTL’s high mobility and extensive inventory of research equipment allowed graduate students and researchers to conduct field studies on a wide range of infrastructure materials to accomplish the research objectives of their specific projects. More extensive details of the background, objectives, methods, findings, results and implementation from those projects can be found in the respective reports for those projects;
  • The MIMTL supported a culture of safety that allowed students to work safely on jobsites in the State of Indiana ranging from roadside interstates, rural country roads, to ready-mix batching plants, often around heavy equipment, traffic, and in close quarters. During the operation of the MTIML described in this report, there were zero workplace accidents, and zero near misses reported;
  • The MIMTL assisted in technology transfer between the infrastructure materials experts at Purdue University and contractors and suppliers in the State of Indiana. A wide range of new technologies evaluating infrastructure materials were utilized on a variety of projects. On each of these projects, MIMTL researchers educated industry personnel (contractors and suppliers), agency personnel (INDOT and local agencies), and consultants within the state. The MIMTL attended demonstrations with INDOT district and central office personnel to further highlight capabilities as well as the emerging technologies;
  • The MIMTL was established a joint investment with partners in industry, local agencies, and INDOT. Operated by the Joint Transportation Research Program and the Local Technical Assistance Program as pay-per-use model, means this sustainable venture will offer services to researchers, industry, or agency entities that can cover the pay-per-use costs.

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concrete, internal curing, lightweight aggregate, bridge deck, pavement, patches, high early strength, chip seal, electrical properties, technology transfer, implementation

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