This report describes the work that was done to support the development of a chapter for the INDOT Survey Manual on Mobile Mapping. The work includes experiments that were done, data that was collected, analysis that was carried out, and conclusions that were drawn about accuracy of Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning (MTLS) systems. The resulting Manual chapter, located in the appendix, defines standards and procedures for preparing, collecting, editing, delivering, exploiting, and archiving electronic mapping data that is created for Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). The purpose of the standards and procedures within this manual is to obtain statewide uniformity within the INDOT combined Aerial/Ground Survey process, to establish and maintain MTLS Standards for INDOT and contracted consultants, and allow for all of the project data to be effectively managed from conception to completion. These standards apply to all projects delivered to INDOT by contracted consulting firms, or exchanged internally within INDOT or between state agencies. The standards and procedures are the result of mobile terrestrial laser scanning surveys of two test sites - one urban and one freeway - created for this project. After establishing reference control points on the sites, each site was surveyed by four mobile terrestrial laser scanning vendors. The results from the vendor data over the test sites, in addition to information in published literature, are the basis for the specifications manual. The proposed chapter for the Survey Manual is in Appendix E of this report.

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Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanning, accuracy evaluation, mobile LiDAR

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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