The main purpose of this research is to determine the possibility of substituting in-place core density (% Gmm) for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Quality Assurance (QA) in Indiana Department of Transportation Specification with Intelligent Compaction (IC) measurements. A questionnaire survey and interviews were conducted to gather information on: (1) the usage of IC technology in other states, (2) the benefits of applying IC technology, and (3) the application of IC technology forQuality Control/ Quality Assurance (QC/QA). Also the data available from IC demonstration performed on US 52 in 2009 was analyzed to identify the relationship between in-place density values (i.e., Non-Nuclear Gauge, NNG)and the IC Measurement Values (ICMVs).

According to survey responses from 26 agencies, there was no state DOT using IC for QA as of June 2014. Only twoDOTs, including Alaska and Vermont have adopted IC in HMA compaction for QC. The reasons for not using IC technology in current QC/QA practices were: (1) satisfaction with existing QC/QA procedure, (2) difficulty of adjustment due to the lack of specifications in determining stiffness in HMA, and (3) lack of availability of IC equipment with contractors. However, it was responded that the most benefits of IC was night time paving and uniform compaction in QC.

Analysis of the ICMV data obtained from a demonstration project on US 52 indicated that a NNG correlation showed an R2 value of 0.67. This finding supports the IC implementation in the current INDOT HMA QC. It should be noted that a correlation between core-density and ICMV could not be determined due to lack of reliable data.

In conclusion, the research could not identify any possibility of adding IC into the INDOT specification for QA based on the survey, phone interviews and analysis of the data obtained from IC demonstration on US 52.

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intelligent compaction, IC technology, intelligent compaction measurement value, ICMV, HMA compaction

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