This study's main purpose was to provide an inventory of the data collection programs undertaken by INDOT's divisions and offices and to give recommendations regarding addition, removal, or modification of data collection programs. Chapter 1 provides a background for the data collection efforts at INDOT and in other State DOTs. The inventory phase of the project was accomplished through a series of interviews, which were converted into a series of technical memos in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 summarizes information about the data collection programs carried out by INDOT, including the data items collected, the data collector and/or owner entity, frequency of collection, the tools used for data collection and storage, and the purpose of collection. The information was compiled from the INDOT Data Collection Online Survey and phone interviews with INDOT employees. In Chapter 4, a set of flow diagrams were created to depict the creators and users of data within INDOT. The tables in Chapter 5 that summarize the data needs, use, and adequacy as seen by various units in INDOT is the result of another online survey. Chapter 6 presents suggested changes to the INDOT data collection programs that can continue to meet state and federal requirements, while making the data collection process more efficient.

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