INDOT has used an inspection program named Maintenance Quality Survey (MQS) to perform a state-wide inspection of their roadway assets, right-of-way to right-of-way. This inspection requires two two-person teams approximately 18 months to complete as it determines the condition of individual features and produces a grade for each one. Results from this program were used to define a work program.

INDOT uses the software Work Management System (WMS) for their operations. A WMS feature that has not been utilized is the Level of Service (LOS). LOS establishes performance standards for activities and then uses an inspection program to evaluate compliance with these standards.

The objective of this project was to develop a LOS program at INDOT that utilizes WMS. One key component of this program is a statistical based inspection program that inspects and grades random roadway segments. The development of this inspection program required determining the number of samples per sub-district, the features to inspect, defining the pass/fail criteria for each feature, and field training and testing. Another key part is to develop the required WMS LOS data tables.

Outcomes from the LOS program will be an improved inspection program, a data driven tool that can be used to perform LOS analyses resulting in improved work planning. Looking at operation activities from a LOS perspective provides opportunities to balance resources better and improve the planning aspect. One benefit being experienced with the implementation of the inspection program is inspection personnel time savings in collecting the LOS data.

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Level of service, inspection, maintenance, work planning, random samples

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