The study provides the background documents necessary for the development of a Technical Training Plan and makes recommendations for the content and structure of such a plan for the District Operations, Operations, Capital Program Management and Engineering Services and Design Support Divisions.

The product of the study is a web-based tool for employees that provides training resource information by job category. The resources are grouped into three categories: in-house training, training available through outside vendors or third party, and higher education resources

Recommendations specific to the Technical Training Plan include incorporating technical training requirements in the position descriptions currently being revised; re-surveying employees and supervisors to ascertain employee training needs to ensure that the technical training requirements are appropriate; incorporating the list and schedule of INDOT training programs in the State Personnel Department’s PeopleSoft system; establishing a readily accessible, centralized record management system for PEs to maintain their PDH records; and broader circulation of INDOT’s Educational and Licensing Assistance Program (ELAP) to its employees.

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Technical training plan; training needs; State Departments of Transportation training; internal training; federal, state, professional and industry organizations training; computerized training information systems; Professional Development Hours; job titles; position descriptions; knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs); PeopleSoft; Employee Development Plan; Educational and Licensing Assistance Program (ELAP)

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