In 2005 the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) went through a complete reorganization of its operations going from centralized to decentralized (District) management. This reorganization gave Districts autonomy to manage construction projects with one exception all added capacity projects are managed in the central office by the office of project management. Following in 2006 INDOT initiated a program named “Major Moves.” This is a ten year major road building program that was funded partially through a $4 billion lease of the Indiana Toll Road. Through Major Moves annual new construction will go from $213 million in FY 2006 to $1.2 billion in FY2009. These two factors caused INDOT to change their approach toward managing design and construction. This “new” approach toward projects requires an individual to manage projects with skills and functions that are not common at INDOT. Therefore the purpose of the project was to: • Determine what skills were needed for INDOT project managers • Develop a training program to develop these needs • Deliver a training program This report describes the training program established at INDOT and contains the resources available for project managers and training materials.

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project management, constructability, training, design, construction, scheduling, SPR-3115

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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3115_technical_summary.pdf (191 kB)
Technical Summary

AppendixA.pdf (591 kB)
PDP Manual

AppendixB.pdf (339 kB)
Major Gantt Chart

AppendixC.pdf (276 kB)
Minor Gantt Chart

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PIP Manual

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Project Management Process Course

AppendixF.pdf (1214 kB)
Advanced Project Management Course

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Constructibility Guide Book

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Constructibility Training Slides