This Implementation Project had two purposes: 1) to update the INDOT Division of Materials and Tests’ laboratory equipment and train personnel to properly conduct the testing for subgrade resilient modulus in accordance with new AASHTO testing protocol (AASHTO T0294-94(; 2) to educate and train the geotechnical engineering section in the procedures for determining the design resilient modulus with minimum required testing, while using the database of the previous report on this subject, FHWA/IN/JHRP-92/23, “Subgrade Resilient Modulus for Pavement Design and Evaluation,” Part I of the Final Report, the detailed “Laboratory Procedures Manual,” has been written for use by laboratory technicians having no formal engineering background. INDOT Materials and Tests Division personnel have been trained in performing the tests to the satisfaction of supervisory personnel. Part II of the Final Report, “Design Subgrade Resilient Modulus,” is the detailed summary of the procedures to be used in determining the design modulus for a project. In-service changes in water content and freeze-thaw effects are included. This report allows INDOT design engineering personnel to use laboratory test results and the previous database to determine properly the design resilient modulus for both new construction and in-service pavements.

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subgrade resilient modulus, pavement design, SPR-2134

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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