In this synthesis study, information related to full-depth precast deck systems has been collected and analyzed in order to facilitate implementation of full-depth precast deck systems in the state of Indiana. Nine full-depth precast deck systems were identified in the literature review. For girder bridges or similar, a full-depth precast, prestressed deck system (New England Region System) is recommended to be implemented. For bridges with decks spanning in the longitudinal direction, where no precast, prestress deck systems are available, the Exodermic™ Deck System is suggested to be implemented. This system is also an alternative to the New England Region System for implementation in girder bridges. The Effideck™ System, of proprietary nature, is recommended as an alternative for bridges with decks spanning in the longitudinal direction. None of the systems, however, has been implemented over concrete or precast girders. It is also suggested for implementation the use of 1 ¼” diameter headed studs as connectors for steel girders or beams in cases of cast-in-place decks, stay-in-place decks, or full-depth systems. The use of these larger studs in a single row over the girder web reduces the effort required for deck removal and also the probability of damaging the girder top flange and the larger stud.

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brick deck systems, full-depth precast panels, precast prestressed concrete panels, steel grid decks, composite deck systems, deck girder connections, rapid replacement of bridge decks, SPR-2794

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