This project presents pavement treatment practice guidelines and a distress identification manual for the purpose of improving the INDOT pavement preservation practices. The treatment guidelines consist of 10 treatment types for asphalt pavements and composite pavements and 8 treatment types for Portland cement concrete pavement (PCCP). The treatment guidelines include treatment descriptions, benefits, applicable pavement conditions, treatment materials, and treatment procedures. The guidelines are based on information obtained mainly from the INDOT Standard Specification, the INDOT Design Manual, and the INDOT Field Operations Handbook for Crew Leaders. The treatments are covered in the guidelines. The distress identification manual presents the different types of distresses found on the surfaces of asphalt pavement, composite pavement, and PCCP. Each distress type in this manual is presented along with descriptions, causes, measurements, and pictures of each type of distress. The manual is mainly based on the Distress Identification Manual for the Long Term Pavement Performance Program (LTPP) and the INDOT Design Manual. To implement the guidelines and the manuals, training slides were developed and are enclosed in this report. The training slides were developed to address all topics of the pavement preservation treatment area and combine to make one set of training materials suitable for Indiana. The training slides for pavement preservation implementation can help to enhance the overall construction quality of treatments by illustrating the appropriate use of such treatments in applications, thereby contributing to their improved performance. This improvement will help to ensure that the treatments are used to their maximum benefit and efficiency.

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Pavement Preservation, Surface Treatment, Distress Identification, Asphalt Pavement, Composite Pavement, Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, SPR-3114

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Joint Transportation Research Program

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