Performance-Related Specifications (PRS) are specifications that base pavement acceptance and pay adjustment on the projected performance and predicted life-cycle cost (LCC) for a specific pavement. PRS relate measurable quality characteristics with pavement performance through computer simulations that incorporate physical distress models. Previously, work at ERES consultants by Darter and co-workers developed prototype PRS for jointed plain portland cement concrete pavements (PCC) through Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through a series of research projects. However, before this research program began, pavements have not been constructed using these specifications. This report describes the Indiana Department of Transportation’s (INDOT) experience with developing and implementing the first and second Level 1 PRS projects during the re-construction of a portion of I-465 east of Indianapolis and I-65 north of Clarksville, respectively. This report includes an overview of the concepts behind PRS, the process of developing a Level 1 PRS, lessons learned from implementing the first PRS in the construction of the pavement outside Indianapolis during the summer of 2000, lessons learned from implementing the second PRS in the construction of the pavement outside Clarksville during the summer of 2002, the use of non-destructive testing procedures to obtain measures of pavement quality, sample specifications, and conclusions and recommendations. In general, this specification was well received by both the agency and the contractors. It is believed that lessons learned on these projects will enable future modifications to the development of performance related specifications with the hope that these specifications will enable longer lasting, more cost effective pavements to be constructed.

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concrete, pavement, life-cycle cost, specifications, DTFH-7299-0599

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