About This Journal

Our Vision

To create an engineering‐literate society through preeminence in P–12 engineering education research and scholarship.

Our Mission

To study engineering thought and learning at the P–12 level and to inspire diverse students to pursue engineering and science for the benefit of humanity and the advancement of society.

A Commitment to an Engineering‐Literate Society

The graduates of today and tomorrow enter into a world that requires them to be engineering‐literate and technologically savvy. The integration of engineering education in grades P–12 would better arm students with the essential tools and skills to excel in the workforce or post-secondary education. The need for a diverse group of students interested in and prepared to study engineering in college is ever growing; the number of engineers graduating from U.S. institutions has dropped by 20% in recent years, and more than half of the U.S. workforce in the sciences and engineering are approaching retirement age.

As such, it is essential that young engineers from the U.S. contribute to the next generation of innovative ideas that support our society's needs. This interest and drive to participate in engineering must be fostered at an early age. Therefore, J-PEER is dedicated to the promotion of engineering interest, preparedness, and representation; to transforming P–12 education by the inclusion of engineering curricula; to preparing a globally competitive engineering workforce; and ultimately to creating a society of engineering‐literate citizens.

Peer Review

The entire submission and review process is completed online using an electronic editorial system. Manuscripts that are deemed appropriate for the journal are sent to at least two experts, particularly in the primary author’s discipline or content area. All reviews are “blind”—that is, they do not identify the author(s) to the reviewers. On the basis of the reviewers’ recommendations, the J-PEER editor(s) will decide to publish the manuscript as submitted, to request a significant revision and resubmission, or to reject the manuscript for publication. In all cases, the author will be notified of the decision, and a copy of the reviewers’ comments will be provided.

This journal is indexed in Scopus and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Content is archived in CLOCKSS and Portico.