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R410A, Heat transfer coefficient, Condensation, Correlation, Multiport Minichannels


Condensation heat transfer of R410a in a multiport mini-channels tubes with different cross-sectional geometry is experimentally investigated. Three tubes with aspect ratio of 0.395, 0.385 and 0.446, and hydraulic diameters of 1.147 mm, 1.135 mm and 0.846 mm with number of channels (7, 11 and 18) are tested in this study. The experimented range of heat flux is from 3 to 15 kW/m2, mass flux from 50 to 500 kg/m2s. The data show that the heat transfer coefficient increases with heat flux, mass flux and vapor quality. A performance comparison was conducted among the 3 tested tubes and it was found out that the number of channels increases heat transfer coefficient significantly at low heat flux and mass flux, while this effect is damped at higher heat/mass flux condition. In addition, it was found that heat transfer in small hydraulic diameter and high aspect ratio channels deteriorated. Possible mechanism to this deterioration is proposed. Finally, a new correlation is developed to predict the heat transfer coefficient of R410a in a multiport mini-channels tube.