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carbon dioxide, experimental tests, ejector analysis, flow visualisation


Recent studies have provided the significant number of approaches to enhance the performance of a twophase ejector, especially for transcritical CO2 cycles. However, the investigation of the mixing process is still challenging matter due to the highspeed fluid flow coupled with mixing of vapour and partially evaporated liquid stream. On the other hand, these phenomena directly influence the ejector efficiency. The behaviour of the aforementioned processes would be valuable for validation the numerical models as well as a required control of the system operation. Hence, in this work, the laboratory test rig for visualisation of the CO2 ejector mixing processes along suction nozzle, premixing chamber and diffuser was developed and manufactured. The visualisation techniques used for this study include the highspeed camera recordings and PIV measurements. The work consists of installation description, including the measurement approaches, solution predicted by the computational model for the transparent construction of the ejector and visualisation procedures. The selected onand offdesign operating points were described having regard ejector performance factors and its correlation with the output of the visualisation procedure.