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Viscosity, R1234yf, Refrigeration oil mixture


Refrigerant dissolves in refrigeration oil which is used to lubricate the compressor. Because the viscosity of the oil in which the refrigerant is dissolved is significantly reduced, the rate of the reduction is important information to select a proper oil. However, viscosities have not been sufficiently measured for mixtures of refrigeration oil and new refrigerants which are HFOs and mixtures of HFO and HFC. In order to utilize HFO refrigerants in alternative refrigeration systems, viscosity data of mixtures of refrigeration oil and HFO are essential. In this study, mixture of a refrigeration oil and refrigerant (R410A and R1234yf) viscosity are measured with temperature from 40 to 80 ℃ (313 – 353 K) and the oil mass concentration from 80 to 100 % using the tandem capillary tubes method. In this method, the test fluid flows inside two different length and same diameter capillary tubes connected in series in order to eliminate the pressure drop at the inlet and outlet therefore the measurements have better accuracy than the single capillary tube method.