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Cogeneration, Power, System analysis, Energy, Grid resiliency, Hybrid systems


Development of energy solutions for addressing grid resiliency and energy efficiency while lowering greenhouse gas emissions is critical in today’s energy scenario. Chemical energy provides on demand power. Cogeneration technologies offer numerous benefits in meeting the growing energy demand while lowering the impact on environment. Utilization of waste heat from prime movers in conjunction with energy efficient heat pumps and renewable photovoltaics is an attractive approach. Efficient utilization of available resources to support current and future building energy needs targeting grid resiliency, energy and environmental security via co-generation approaches is the focus of this study. A detailed techno-environmental analysis of hybrid system configurations consisting of conventional and emerging technologies utilizing natural gas, electric grid, and renewable power resources along with heat recovery systems and heat pump technologies are analyzed and presented. The key objective is to present integrated system configurations and thermodynamic analysis of various co-generation systems suitable for providing building energy. Design solutions targeting low carbon footprint and high energy efficiency are presented