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Natural wind defrost, Energy-saving health, Nano-TiO2 coating, Self-cleaning, Air-cooled refrigerator


The air-cooled frost-free household refrigerator is popular in the market because of its large size and frost-free size. However, the evaporator defrost process consumes a large amount of electrical energy to limit the wide spread of this refrigerator, at the same time because of its structural problems, resulting in its evaporator, air duct can not be artificially cleaned, leading to the growth of bacteria, pollution of food storage. This research has developed a self-cleaning energy-saving health refrigerator that uses indoor natural wind defrosting, ultra-hydrophilic nano-titanium dioxide coating photocatalytic sterilization and sterilization. After experimental comparison, under the same operating time of the same operating conditions, the refrigeration mode saves 1.5%, the defrost process saves 95%, reduces the amount of frosting by 23%, the temperature changes of the freezer is less than 7 ℃ , and the desterilization rate of nano-coated reaches 80%.