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Low temperature flue gas, Waste heat utilization, New heat pipe heat exchanger


Based on the measured data of low-temperature waste gas at the outlet of waste heat boiler of a new dry cement production line in a cement factory in China, this paper investigates the utilization of waste heat, and formulates the technical scheme of waste heat utilization, and focuses on the design of the key waste heat exchanger for waste heat utilization, and carries out technical and economic analysis. According to our calculation results, the low-temperature waste heat recovery of cement plant has great potential. Using this technology can save more energy and obtain good economic benefits.In addition, a new type of heat pipe heat exchanger is designed and briefly introduced in this paper, aiming at the current situation that the existing heat exchange equipment only has heat exchange function without considering dust removal function.The design inspiration of the new type of heat pipe heat exchanger comes from cyclone and heat pipe heat exchanger, which combines the advantages of high heat exchange efficiency of heat pipe heat exchanger and good dust removal effect of cyclone.Heat exchange equipment for low temperature waste heat recovery needs to have some unique performance requirements.It can provide better choice for waste heat utilization of cement plant.