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Cement Plant rotary kiln Waste heat Energy conservation


There is a large amount of energy waste in the cement production process, in which the waste of rotary kiln heat and the waste of high temperature exhaust gas at the kiln tail are the most serious. Therefore, the full and reasonable utilization of this waste heat resource is an important measure to improve the utilization degree and energy efficiency of waste heat, effectively reduce the heat pollution caused by waste heat emission to the environment, and protect the ecological environment. It is of great significance to realize energy conservation and emission reduction and regional sustainable development. The strategic goals are extremely important. At present, the waste heat mainly used by cement plants is the high-temperature flue gas at the kiln head and kiln tail, and there are few cases of recycling the radiant heat of the kiln tube wall. Therefore, based on the data provided by a cement plant in Shandong Province, China, a set of waste heat recovery equipment for the rotary kiln of a cement plant is designed. According to actual needs, a suitable lithium bromide absorption refrigeration unit and heat exchanger are selected to determine the waste heat utilization plan in winter, summer and transition season and make economic analysis.