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Refrigeration cycle, Hydrocarbon mixture, Internal subcooler, Performance improvement


In this study, a modified subcooling vapor-compression refrigeration cycle (MSVRC) using refrigerant mixture R290/R600a was proposed for applications in refrigerator-freezers. In the MSVRC, A phase separator is utilized to split the refrigerant mixture and obtain two different components after partial condensation in the condenser. Moreover, an internal evaporating subcooler is introduced to enhance the overall system performance. Energetic and exergetic analysis methods are used to theoretically evaluate the system operating performance of MSVRC and compared with the traditional vapor-compression refrigeration cycle (TVRC). The simulation results show that the MSVRC outperforms TVRC in the aspect of coefficient of performance (COP), volumetric cooling capacity and exergy efficiency. Under the given operation condition, the COP, volumetric cooling capacity and exergy efficiency of the MSVRC can be improved up to 2%, 6.1% and 3.9%, respectively, in comparison with those of the TVRC. The system performance characteristics of the proposed cycle demonstrate its potential advantages for application in domestic refrigerator-freezers.