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Load-based testing, Ratings Standard, SEER


This paper presents results of testing variable-speed heat pumps using a new load-based testing methodology that is described in a companion paper. The testing methodology involves emulating the response of a building’s sensible and latent loads to equipment controls by dynamically adjusting the temperature and humidity setpoints of the psychrometric chamber reconditioning system using a simple building model. The advantage of this approach over existing testing approaches specified in ratings standards is that it considers the interaction of the integrated controls with the equipment. As a result, it better captures the full range of part-load operation and the benefits of improved controls. This paper presents performance results for application of the automated load-based testing methodology to different variable-speed residential heat pump systems. In order to assess the benefits of load-based testing versus existing standards, tests were also conducted based on AHRI 210/240 and seasonal performance estimates are compared using data obtained with the two testing approaches.