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1233zd, Heat Pumps, Rankine, Energy, Stability


Developed and identified as a refrigerant for low pressure chillers, Trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (E-1233zd) an unsaturated molecule, with a GWP of 1, has also shown a high potential as a working fluid for energy recovery applications, such as organic Rankine cycle or high temperature heat pumps. As a refrigerant for low pressure chillers, E-1233zd has shown positive attributes of high performance and low environmental impact, while maintaining the safety benefits of refrigerants commonly used today, by being non-flammable and having a low toxicity. However, when significant heat is applied, the E-1233zd was found to undergo geometric isomerization, which could limit its performance in energy recovery applications where the system could see sustained temperatures higher than 150°C. This paper will present the work done to understand the parameters impacting the kinetic of isomerization of E-1233zd and will introduce the approaches taken to stabilize the molecule. The performance of E-1233zd in energy recovery applications will also be discussed.