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waste heat, air-conditioning, ejector, yachts, low GWP refrigerant


Heat recovery is a common approach for effective energy management. With utilization of the waste heat the investment and operation costs can be reduced. In the paper the possibility of utilisation of the waste heat from flue gases in the maritime industry will be presented and discussed. Combustion engine is a main source for electric energy consumed be all electrical devices in ships and yachts. Currently, the classic compressor systems driven by electricity generated in generators are used for production of cold water used in AC units. Conversion of fuel energy into mechanical and electrical energy is related with creation of a significant amount of heat, which is irretrievably removed. The proposed solution is an excellent example of an industrial application with a strong potential for implementation. At the same time, it combines all positive aspects of environmentally-friendly cold production using clean technology and meets all standards in the use of ecological working fluid. The paper summarize the first phase of the project dealing with developing of the ejection air-conditioning system driven by waste heat. The potential application of the ejection refrigeration system operating for air-conditioning purposes and driven by waste heat has been analysed. A different solution of waste heat recovery node will be presented. Preliminary calculation of the proposed system operating with low-GWP working fluid will be presented and discussed. The geometry of the ejector designed for the specific case and performance operation line will also be shown. Design of the testing stand will presented.