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SSLC, Sensible load, Latent load, desiccants


Dehumidification is a major contributor to the energy consumed by residential and commercial buildings. The emergence of separate sensible and latent cooling (SSLC) systems have provided energy-efficient solutions to control moisture when compared to traditional vapor compression systems. However, a strong need has emerged to categorize and to characterize the performance of SSLC systems. The current study provides a critical review of major developments including components, systems and processes pertaining to SSLC systems. Additionally, various working media (solid and liquid desiccants and ionic fluids) have been explored to determine the potential merits and demerits. The review effort focuses on highlighting the key features which can be used for classification, performance evaluation and steady-state capacity of the such systems. Along with reviewing the earlier developments, the study also provides guidelines for further research and important performance matrixes for future developments of such technologies.