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Refrigeration cycle, dynamics, validation, R600a, IPSEpro


The development process of energy-efficient household refrigerators and freezers is characterized by time-consuming and expensive experiments. In order to make this development process more efficient, dynamic (transient) models of the individual components of the entire refrigeration cycle were developed at Graz University of Technology. To ensure operability beyond the research project and to enable industrial application, these models have been implemented in the commercial software IPSEpro. The advantage of using such a simulation tool is the simplicity of conducting parameter studies as well as performing design modification to the device. This work includes modelling approaches of each refrigeration cycle component and the freezer model. Since the model parameter values are unknown and in order to calibrate the freezer model with measurement data, a semi-automatic method for model calibration was developed. Due to interactions and nonlinear dependencies between the model parameters, a manual parameter optimization would be very time consuming and inefficient. The semi-automatic calibration method is capable to handle a large parameter set in a fast and user-friendly way. Furthermore, results of the validated freezer model are presented, followed by an application demonstration of the simulation model.