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GWP; LCCP; R-452B; R-32; HAT


Global demand for air conditioning is expected to increase continuously. In order to minimize the impact on the climate as a total amount of CO2 equivalent, it is essential to continue to search for better refrigerants. On the other hand, product size and cost are important factors in providing value to users. This time, while using the experiment result of the mini-split type air-conditioner reported in the past, in addition, we conducted a new experiment on multi-type VRF air-conditioner. Then, the difference in COP performance between R-410A and alternative candidate refrigerants was evaluated. In addition, we studied the product design using R-452 B, R-454 B by simulation and compare the size when the performance is made identical by changing the system specifications with alternative refrigerant candidates. As a result, common results were obtained in both systems. It was found that R-452B and R-454B have better performance than R-410A. On the other hand, it was found that these refrigerants need to increase both the indoor heat exchanger and the outdoor heat exchanger to 120% in order to obtain the same performance as R-32.