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Thermoelectric module, Radiant cooling panel, Non-vapor compression system


The thermoelectric module radiant cooling panel (TEM-RCP) is an alternative of the conventional hydraulic radiant cooling panels which has advantages of no refrigerant, no chemical reactions, and no moving parts. In addition, it has merits of easy control, fast response through direct heat absorption from TEM without water. However, there are few guidelines for designing the TEM-RCP and no study suggested how to arrange the thermoelectric modules for the radiant cooling panel. Therefore, this study aims to propose the desirable arrangement of thermoelectric modules for radiant cooling panel. To achieve this purpose, the design methods for TEM-RCP was developed based on the semi-black box model of TEM and 2D finite difference method. The mock up model of TEM-RCP was constructed to validate the proposed model and results. The TEM-RCP we constructed is composed of 7 TEMs, the aluminium plate, the heat sink attaching on the TEMs, duct and fan. The panel temperature is maintained in 16 at the cold side of TEM and rejected heat from hot side of TEM is removed by using fan. The design point we focused was the distribution of panel temperature according to the ASHRAE Handbook. Therefore, we investigated optimal array and distance between TEMs not to excess the maximum temperature difference 3 across a given grid. As a result, it is revealed that the triangular grid is the best grid for even temperature distribution of TEM-RCP and the optimal distance between TEMs is 0.2 m to 0.3 m according to the room condition and operation characteristics of TEM. The optimized results is verified using the mock up model of TEM-RCP in the laboratory experiments.