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hydrophobic membrane, air pro-dehumidification, Air dew point control, capillary radiation air conditioning


Temperature and humidity are two important factors for human thermal comfort and air conditioning system. Traditional air conditioning system adjust temperature and humidity together in evaporator of refrigeration system, and the evaporation temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of air, accordingly, the thermal comfort is not easy satisfied and the whole energy efficiency ratio of refrigeration system is relative low. Temperature and humidity independent control of air conditioning system is an effective mode that can supply the needed indoor parameters with high energy efficiency ratio, simultaneously. Capillary network radiation system is a comfortable and energy-saving terminal energy supplements mode with no blowing feeling; however, it only adjust temperature and the condensation water often occurs in the capillary tube surface. Therefore, air pre-dehumidification process should handle first to improve the dew point temperature of air to ensure the higher temperature working fluid in capillary tube. In this study, a hydrophobic membrane-based air pre-dehumidification and capillary radiation air conditioning system is built. The hollow fibre membrane is acted as the dehumidifier when the concentrated lithium bromide solution with low temperature flows into the membrane while the wet air pass through the outside of membrane. The water vapour will pass across the membrane pores from wet air to lithium bromide solution and is absorbed, and then the diluted lithium bromide solution is regenerated by solar energy independently, furthermore, the temperature is controlled by capillary network radiation system. Finally, the influence factors of indoor parameters and the whole energy efficiency ratio are analysed.