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Rare gases, gas-dynamic coolers, gas mixtures, reflux condenser.


Two types of gas-dynamic coolers were considered: Rank-Hilsh vortex tubes and resonance tubes, known as devices of Hartmann-Sprenger. These devices have a number of similar physical and structural features: no moving parts, low inertia, environment safety, they can be sources of cold and heat simultaneously, generate pressure pulse, and separate gas mixtures. Gas-dynamic devices can be used in the technologies of rare gases obtaining as coolers of reflux condensers. They use pressure drop and don’t need in additional energy consumption. The temperature drop of mixtures phase equilibrium allows to reduce the concentration of by-products. Due to this, costs of gas concentrates transportation are reduced. Schemes, in which the separation function of the gas-dynamic devices are used, were investigated. The results of tests of step-type coolers in the condition of cryogenic temperatures on methane and helium are presented. An influence of the real gas and a scale factor in the interval of the energy separation chamber’s diameter up to 3 mm was studied.