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Control, Sensing, IoT, Telemetry


In commercial refrigeration market, lots of equipment are installed and exposed to a variety of environment and use conditions. The owners of these refrigeration equipment, usually the brands of the refrigerated goods (such as ice creams and beverages), don’t have the immediate information about the health of the equipment, quality of their products or sales. Usually, they have to work reactively, therefore the information comes too late to prevent cumulative losses. A technology based on Internet of Things was developed by Embraco to address such real life problems for the commercial refrigeration market, the information being translated to intelligent actions that aim cost reduction and increase of sales. Such solution, once being present on a large number of equipments, can bring relevant data to improve the overall efficiency and quality of the refrigeration systems, contributing to a new reality where these systems and their components will not only be better developed but better used. The platform embraces all layers of a state-of-the-art IoT application, all required to be robust, expansive and safe to the customer. These layers can be seen as the synergy of different techniques and its interfaces, going from a diversity of sensors inside a refrigeration system, through the advanced electronics, local algorithms, the connectivity with the Internet and the cloud architecture with all its capabilities to implement intelligent solutions that transform raw data into value to the customers. Results from a field pilot test will be shown to exemplify real life conditions that were detected in time to avoid operational costs for the customer.