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Thermoelectric, Multi-Utility, Heat Pump, Water Heate


A novel Thermoelectric Multi-Utility Water Heater, TE_MUWH, with water heating as primary utility and air-conditioning as bonus utility is presented. This is intended to serve the residential market. In India 2 to 3 kW electric instant water heaters are typically deployed in residences and consume ~3 kWh/day of electrical power. Their use contributes significantly to the peaking demand from residential buildings.  Patented TE_MUWH is being developed as a modular scalable unit. It is expected to reduce the electric demand and energy used for residential water heating applications by over 50%.  It has no moving parts and is expected to operate reliably for 20+ years.  A patented enhanced surface aluminum extrusion serves as a radiant-cum-convective heat collection surface. Thermoelectric cooling chips, TEC, are in thermal contact with the extrusion on one side and a rectangular copper tube on the other. Tap water flows through copper tube and heats up from 25oC to 50oC. The radiant-cum-convective cool surface of the TE_MUWH dispensed the cooling in the house. It cools room air from 27oC to ~21oC. Judicious deployment of the chips ensures that the lift across the TECs ranges from 10 to 25 K while heating water.   Simulation of air/water flow over/in the TE_MUWH module will also be presented. Simulation results will be compared with preliminary experimental data. This simple, modular, maintenance free TE_MUWH is expected to pave the way for future wide spread adoption of this type of energy efficient green technologies in residences.       Â