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low temperature heat recovery, geothermal, expander


This paper presents a fundamental investigation of the use of conventional Rankine Cycle, Trilateral Flash Cycle, and wet vapour Rankine Cycle system for the generation of power from Enhanced Geothermal Systems. The paper considers ideal Carnot, Trilateral and Quadlateral cycles, and compares the ideal cases of maximum rate of power production with maximum total electricity delivery. These results illustrate the relative advantages of different power plant systems, and provide insight into the operational requirements of power generation equipment for enhanced geothermal systems. A more detailed analysis is then performed for a recuperated Organic Rankine Cycle. This analysis allows a direct comparison between the ideal and practical cycles, showing maximum cycle efficiencies of around half the ideal Quadlateral Cycle case, and demonstrates some of the challenges associated with designing a system to operate over a wide range of heat source conditions.