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heat pump, integrated, space heating, space cooling, water heating


Integrated heat pump (IHP) technology provides significant potential for energy savings and comfort improvement for residential buildings. In this study, we evaluate the performance of a high performance IHP that provides space heating, cooling, and water heating services. Experiments were conducted according to the ASHRAE Standard 206-2013 where 24 test conditions were identified in order to evaluate the IHP performance indices. An 8-in by 8-in Air Monitor Fan Evaluator is used to measure the volumetric flowrate of air discharged from the air handler unit (AHU) in order to evaluate the airside performance. Empirical curve fits of the unit’s compressor maps are used in conjunction with saturated condensing and evaporating refrigerant conditions to deduce the refrigerant mass flowrate, which, in turn is used to evaluate the refrigerant-side performance. Heat pump (compressor, fans, and controls) and water pump power were measured separately per requirements of Standard 206. The system was charged per the system manufacturer’s specifications. System test results are presented for each operating mode along with overall IHP performance metrics according to ASHRAE standard 206-2013. The paper ends with discussion on system operation and impact on typical energy consumption in residential buildings.