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R-32, Wet Compression, Oil Return Hole, Discharge Temperature, Air Conditioner


R-32 has been being one of the hot candidate for refrigerant substitute because of its better thermodynamic performance. In this study, the influence of wet compression on R-32 system performance was researched by theoretical analysis and experimental test firstly. The result showed that, with the suction dryness decreasing, the discharge temperature,and the volumetric efficiency, and the system performance decreased simultaneously. And then, on the base of the wet compression experiment test, the influence of the oil return hole in the gas-liquid separator on system performance of R32 wet compression was compared. The experimental results showed that, in wet compression, the decreasing rate, that the cooling capacity and EER decreased with the discharge temperature decreasing, decreased with the size of the oil return hole increasing. The increase of the oil return hole size was benefit to improve the system performance in wet compression. But it increased the risk of over wet compression or liquid impact for compressor under frosting and defrosting condition.