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air source heat pump, EVI, floor heating, cold region, HSPF


Air source heat pump is considered a commendatory way to help solve the environmental problems resulting from coal-fired heating, especially in the cold region of China. The heat pump uses air as low-grade heat source, so the atmospherical temperature plays a key role in the operating performance of units. And the technology of economized vapor injection (EVI) is used to improve the performance in the low temperature condition. Beijing is one of the most typical cities in China cold region. Therefore, this paper took a residence in Beijing as the test site. A long-term and high-frequency monitoring was performed to investigate the operating characteristics and heating effect of floor heating system with EVI air source heat pump, and the economy was also analyzed. Equivalent carbon dioxide emission was also calculated to evaluate the carbon dioxide emission of such a heating system from cradle to grave. The results showed that the heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) of the heating system in Beijing was 3.28, and the running condition was stable on the premise of satisfying the heating need of uses. Attentions were also paid to the behavior of residents. The irregularity revealed the apparent need and the energy saving awareness, which directly affected the power consumption.