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Two-stage Compression Cycle, Vapor Injection, Variable Displacement ratio, Heat Pump, Rotary Compressor


Two-stage vapor injection compression cycle with flash tank was thermodynamically analyzed, the results showed that there existed the optimum theoretical displacement ratio of high stage to low stage corresponding to the maximum coefficient of performance(COP), the optimum displacement ratio and the volumetric heating capacity decreased with evaporation temperature decreasing. An optimum theoretical displacement ratio correlation for R290, R32 and R410A was given. A new type two-stage vapor injection low temperature air source heat pump (ASHP) was designed, which had a variable speed triple-cylinder rotary compressor with two cylinders in low stage and one cylinder in high stage. The experimental results of the new type ASHP showed that the heating capacity under 20℃/-20℃(inside room /outside room) could reach the rated heating capacity under 20℃/7℃, improving 96% compared to conventional one-stage ASHP, the heating capacity under 20℃/-30℃ could reach 80% of the rated one. COP of the new type ASHP could improve 5%~10% when the heating capacity was comparable to the conventional ASHP, and the heating capacity of the new type ASHP could improve 30%~50% when COP was comparable to the conventional ASHP.