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fluid properties, viscosity, entropy scaling


We apply a modified scaling of viscosity with residual entropy in a manner analogous to that proposed by Rosenfeld (1977). We consider the viscosity-entropy scaling for a reference fluid (refrigerant R124 (1-chloro-1,2,2,2- tetrafluoroethane) ), and demonstrate that the viscosity for many other refrigerants scales with residual entropy in a similar manner. Finally, we use a corresponding-states formalism with one adjustable parameter to obtain the viscosity in a non-iterative fashion for a number of refrigerants. The viscosities of the studied fluids are represented within average absolute deviations of 10%. The evaluation of the liquid viscosity from this formulation is approximately 40 times faster than evaluating the viscosity from extended corresponding states. Finally, this scheme can be used to estimate viscosities for refrigerants with a very small subset of experimental measurements, perhaps as few as one saturated liquid viscosity data points.