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low GWP refrigerant, R1123, R1123+R32 mixture, thermodynamic properties, critical parameter


Measurements of PrT and PrTx properties, vapor pressures, saturated densities were carried out for a new low GWP refrigerant R1123(trifluoroethylene; CF2=CHF) and its binary mixture of R1123 + R32 system.  Sixty-three PrT property data and 13 vapor-pressure data for R1123 were obtained in the temperatures between 300 K and 430 K, pressures up to 6.9 MPa, and densities between 100 and 900 kg/m3 along 7 isochores. For the saturated densities for R1123, 21 data were obtained in the temperatures between 316.32 K and 331.73 K and densities between 222 and 880 kg/m3 . On the basis of these measurements, the correlation of vapor pressures was also proposed, Moreover the critical parameters for R1123 were determined as Tc = 331.73 K, rc = 504 kg/m3 , and Pc = 4546 kPa. As for the binary R1123 + R32 mixture, the same kinds of measurements were carried out for the 40 mass% R1123 mixture and 60 mass% R1123 mixture. The composition dependence of the critical parameters for this mixture are also discussed.