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air source heat pumps, vapor injection, solar thermal combisystems.


This paper presents a techno-economic analysis of a novel solar thermal and air source heat pump system. The system was designed for relatively high operating temperatures in the space heating circuit and included the use of a heat pump with vapor injection cycle and vacuum insulation on the storage tank. The system model was validated against measurements in laboratory and simulated in TRNSYS 17. Annual simulations were performed for the combination of two climates (Carcassonne and Zurich) and two house standards (SFH45 and SFH100) and the best results were achieved for the boundary conditions the system was designed for. For those conditions (Zurich and SFH100), the novel system showed potential for being cost-effective compared to state of art solar and heat pump system. The additional investment limit, i.e. the maximum extra investment cost for the novel system in comparison to a state of art benchmark system that gives a break even result for a period of 10 years, varied between 827‚ and 2482‚ depending on electricity price. The results of a sensitivity analysis showed that variations in electricity price affected the additional investment limit far more than the other economic parameters.