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chemisorption, refrigeration, solar energy, strontium chloride, consolidated composite


An experimental intermittent thermochemical refrigeration system using strontium chloride (SrCl2)–ammonia reaction is described, which mainly consists of an adsorption bed and an evaporator/condenser. The strontium chloride is used as solid absorbent and ammonia as refrigerant. A kind of consolidated composite material based on expanded graphite and strontium chloride is developed firstly, then the composite material is filled into the adsorption bed. The process of desorption or regeneration of strontium chloride is driven by solar energy, and the temperature range of the heating fluid is from 90 to 110℃, which can be heated by solar energy collected by low cost solar flat plate collectors. In the evaporation–absorption process, the evaporating temperature is between -10 and -35℃. The theoretical analysis shows that this refrigeration system is technical feasibility.