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Residential air-conditioner, Micro channel heat exchanger, Performance enhancement, Reduce refrigerant quantities


In this paper, 4 types of micro channel heat exchanger which applied residential air-conditioner is shown. We know that micro channel heat exchanger is more effective for a performance enhancement than cross fin and tube heat exchanger in residential air-conditioner. And micro channel heat exchanger helps to reduce refrigerant quantities in residential air-conditioner systems. Micro channel heat wxchanger is used with the air-conditioner for almost all vehicles, but it has not been used in residential air-conditioner yet. In Samsung Electronics, we applied micro channel condenser to the outdoor unit of the air-conditioner (cooling only model) since 2006. And we developed the micro channel evaporator to the indoor unit of the air-conditioner in 2011, which modified the heat exchanger for the car. Also in order to solve the frost and de-frost problem in heat pump outdoor unit, we developed a new micro channel condenser which changed the corrugate fin to the flat fin in 2012. To apply to a heat pump indoor unit, we developed the new type micro channel evaporator in 2013, which constructed micro channel tube perpendicularly and header horizontally with flat fin. Finaly we finished the development of 4 types of micro channel heat exchanger which is applicable to all of residential air conditioner products.