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R600a, R1234ze, Mixture, Domestic Refrigerator, Theoretical Analysis


In this study, a thermodynamic analysis of R600a and R600a/R134ze mixture at three compositions of 0%, 20% and 50% R1234ze is measured in a domestic refrigerator. The main purpose of this study is to theoretically verify the possibility of applying the mixture R600a/R1234ze in large capacity refrigerator. The performance has been assessed for different condensing temperatures between 30 and 50? with constant -20? evaporating temperature .The performance of the refrigerator was compared in terms of volumetric cooling capacity, COP (coefficient of performance), compression ratio and compressor discharge temperature. The results show that the volumetric cooling capacity, COP, compressor power consumption and compressor discharge temperature of R600a/R1234ze mixture are similar to those of pure R600a,so that R600a compressor can be used for R600a/R1234ze mixture without any modifications. The amount charge of the mixture R600a/R1234ze is slight lower than that of R600a in the same equipment. Flammability decreases in R600a/R1234ze mixtures with increasing fractions of R1234ze. This is an desirable characteristic because of the large charge requirement of large refrigeration systems.