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vapor-liquid equilibrium, quantum chemistry, COSMO-RS, R1234ze+R290, R290+R227ea


The vapor-liquid equilibrium data is an important part of thermophysical properties of a new refrigerant. Theoretical predictions and experimental measurements of vapor-liquid equilibrium data of a new mixed working fluid become to be an urgent need for the researches on alternative refrigerants. The vapor-liquid equilibrium curves of binary mixtures (R1234ze(E)+R290, R290+R227ea) were simulated by COSMO-RS model which are based on quantum chemistry. The simulation results could accord with the experimental data well. It was concluded that COSMO-RS simulation method is feasible to predict the vapor-liquid equilibrium properties of mixed refrigerants.

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Prediction of Gas-liquid Equilibrium Properties of two Binary Refrigerants (R1234ZE+R290, R290+R227ea) with COSMO-RS Model