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Evaporator, circuitry, hybrid control, maldistribution


Flow maldistribution in evaporators can lead to significant degradation of capacity and efficiency of vapor compression equipment. A significant amount of work has previously been done to mend these issues. For variable air flow maldistribution, refrigerant compensation was proposed to reduce the performance degradation. For fixed air side maldistribution, refrigerant circuitry modifications were proposed to significantly reduce the effects of the maldistribution. However, no work has been found on modifying the refrigerant circuitry to make it less vulnerable to varying air side maldistribution. The purpose of this paper is to fill this gap in open literature. The performance of the new, interleaved circuitry approach and an active refrigerant flow control is compared to the standard circuitry for different cases of maldistribution. The results show that the interleaved circuitry recovers less of the performance losses than equalization of the exit superheats. However, the implementation cost in an actual system is expected to be significantly lower and the long term reliability is expected to be much better than for an active control approach.

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Interleaved Circuitry and Hybrid Control as Means to Reduce the Effects of Flow Maldistribution