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serpentine fins, flat tubes, frosting


This paper presents the results of an experimental study on the air-side pressure drop and overall heat transfer coefficient characteristics for serpentine-louvered-fin, microchannel heat exchanger in periodic frosting. It focuses on quantification of the effects of louver angle on heat transfer and pressure drop and on defrost and refrost times. Nine heat exchangers differing in louver angle and fin pitch (i.e. louver angle 15º to 39º and fin pitch 15 to 18 fpi) are studied. The face velocity was 3.5 ms/ and inlet air relative humidity of 70% and 80%. Effect of fin pitch and louver pitch on initial Colburn j0 factor and Fanning friction f0 factor during the start of the first frosting cycle are reported, and compared to the prediction by the Chang and Wang (1997).